• Discovery Call:  15 minutes

Interested in working with me or learning more about my practice? Let's chat! During this FREE call, we will briefly discuss your health goals/challenges and determine if we are a good fit for working together.


  • AIP Coaching Session:  1 hour

As a Certified AIP Coach, I offer health coaching specifically geared towards holistically managing and healing autoimmune disease.  Living with autoimmune disease is a very complex, overwhelming and isolating process, however during this visit we will begin to replace those feelings with ones that are more clear and liberating. Through the use of practical tools, resources, and assessments, we will get a deeper understanding of your specific health and lifestyle needs, so we can support you at the most foundational level. My goal as a practitioner is help uncover solutions that are specifically unique to your healing process.

*Includes an individualized wellness plan with actionable steps, as well as nutritional and educational resources.

*We can meet in-person or virtually.


  • AIP Progress Session:  30 minutes

We will use this time together to modify your plan, adjust your supplement regimen (if needed), and address any obstacles you are facing. This is a time to reassess, tweak details, and leave behind anything that isn’t serving you.

This is also a time to talk about troubleshooting and determine if we need to investigate possible underlying issues that are preventing improvement.


*Includes an individualized wellness plan with actionable steps, as well as nutritional and educational resources.


  • Pantry Clean Out and Restock:

Need to clean out your cupboards, but not sure what to throw out?

Your pantry can be the source of temptation and sabotage as you transition to an AIP diet and lifestyle.  Ensuring that your kitchen is stocked with convenient, yummy, AIP approved snacks and ingredients, will help you stay on track with your health commitment. 

I will help you organize your pantry and refrigerator, and show you what to toss, what to replace it with, and then HOW to use it.

In this process, I will fill your kitchen with the ingredients that will best support your new eating style.

$50/Hour plus cost of groceries